A night of belief and a morning of fulfillment

To be honest, I'm still in some disbelief that I'm even writing this section, much less making this site in the first place. Ayumi Hamasaki has been one of my favorite musicians since I first discovered her music in 2007; in the years since she's eclipsed all others to become my absolute favorite musician of all time. She's an artist whose creativity I both admire and respect, a musician whose voice I love, and a performer who's made me feel things I didn't know I could.

Before Ayu I had never really gotten into a musician to this extent; I only casually followed a couple different artists. With Ayu, though, I found myself tracking down every last release I could, just to hear more of her music, and following her new releases with excitement.

She is my absolute favorite artist, and there's little chance of that changing anytime soon. ♥ I'm so excited to run this site.

The site design features a number of different images of Ayu spanning her career, mostly because I couldn't bring myself to pick just one. Most images came from AHS. Page titles feature lyrics, all found on Divine Ayu. Resources used are by bloody-cross.org, lovelytrash.org (defunct), and subtlepatterns.


 Genres: Japanese Genres: Pop Namie Amuro

I'd love to affiliate with any site or fanlisting related to Ayu. Contact me if you're interested.

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