learning to love remixes

Once, if you had asked me if I liked remixes, my answer would have been a resounding no.

What was there to like about remixes? The original song was perfectly fine; there was no need to make a new one that ruined it. And most remixes did ruin the sound, I thought. They either slowed it down or sped up the song, or they introduced a beat that wasn’t there in the first place, or they made it sound all techno or electronic. In other words, most remixes were terrible.

And so along I went with my very wrong opinions and thinking nothing of it, when Ayu’s crossroad single came out.

By itself, “crossroad” is a fine song. It wasn’t my favorite of Ayu’s singles, but it was definitely a fun new track. I liked it much more than Ayu’s previous single, MOON/blossom, which was a pair of ballads that wasn’t really to my taste.

Except there was a remix on the single: the “blossom (Clockwork yellow remix).” And it was amazing.

Because we started to walk
and we don't need a reason for that
Because we certainly know at least
that we are simply OK, we are OK now

Datte bokura wa aruki hajimeta soko ni riyuu nante hitsuyou jya nai
Tada daijoubu mou daijoubu sore dake wa tashika ni wakatta kara


This wasn’t the first remix Ayu had put out. Actually, it was one of hundreds. In the early years of her career, her singles came with a dozen remixes apiece; she’s released over two dozen remix albums. It was just that I had completely disregarded anything that wasn’t an orchestral or classical arrangement up to that point, with a few scant exceptions.

Needless to say, once I realized my mistake, I devoured everything her discography had to offer. What’s more, I’ve made sure to go back and re-experience albums I previously thought I disliked; sure enough I found brand-new favorites in the process. In particular I found myself falling in love with ayu-mi-x 6 -SILVER-, which I had completely passed up the first time I’d listened to it; I now love every single track on the album.

Ayu's remixes are now my go-to music for when I need something on the background; it's easy to listen to them at any time, day or night. I can't wait until she puts out her next remix collection.