favorite cover art

When it comes to Ayu, the cover art for her singles and albums can be just as important as the music.

Of course, for an artist said to exhibit incredible control over her image, it’s no surprise. The cover design is incredibly important; it’s used to market every new release and is often how her changing look is spread. Ayu has had countless looks over the years, and the vast majority are reflected on the covers of her singles and albums.

I have many favorites among her covers, which I’ve showcased here. Hover for comments.

I love everything about the look for “M,” right through the music video. This is one of her most iconic covers, and one that works in its simplicity. Everything about the design for this album works. The peace imagery, the simplicity. Gorgeous color palette, and I love the dress. My favorite cover of all. I love the colors, love the dress, love the patterns. Everything about it works so well. Love how bold it is. Simple, straightforward cover, but I love the flow of it and the lighting. I love everything about the design for this album. It goes hard with the gold overlay, but it really works. Gorgeous in its simplicity. The iconic Ayu image. I may love this one out of nostalgia; it’s the first Ayu album that came out after I became a fan. Still, I love the orange. I really regret not getting a physical copy of this album, I’ve always loved the design. Easily my favorite album cover, by a large margin. I don’t own it, though! I ended up buying the CD/DVD version.