released 5 august 2015

  1. Step by step
  2. Summer diary
  3. Sayonara feat. SpeXial
  4. Sorrows
  5. Shape of Love
  6. Sky high

I’ll be honest, I never really listen to sixxxxxx. I was so disappointed by A ONE that sixxxxxx didn’t really register on my radar as much as it otherwise would have. If there’s anything in Ayu’s discography that needs more time to grow on me, it’s this mini-album.

Which is a shame, really. It’s not that I listen to Ayu any less; if anything I listen to her more often than ever. But I tend to listen to longtime favorite songs rather than trying to acquaint myself with albums or songs I may have passed over the first time. If there’s one lesson I’ve taken from making this site, it’s that I should take the time to explore everything Ayu’s music has to offer.

There was one track that immediately stood out to me on this album: “Sayonara,” the collaboration with Taiwanese boy band SpeXial. It’s just so ridiculous and unlike any of Ayu’s other songs that I took to it immediately. Honestly, it’s kind of trashy, but I love it. (I have a secret love of trashy songs like this, honestly.)

Rating: 2/5