released 15 december 2004

  1. Catcher In The Light
  2. About You
  3. GAME
  4. my name's WOMEN
  6. Liar
  7. HOPE or PAIN
  9. Moments
  10. walking proud
  11. CAROLS
  12. Kaleidoscope
  14. HONEY
  15. Replace
  16. winding road
  17. Humming 7/4

I’ll freely admit bias in this one: MY STORY is my favorite Ayu album, and one of my favorite albums period. Like Memorial address, it was one of the albums that introduced me to Ayu, and it’s a large reason why I’m a fan. (The site name might have been a hint.)

It’s also a really good album.

Despite being one of Ayu’s longest albums, MY STORY doesn’t suffer from its length but instead offers an enjoyable experience from start to finish. More than Ayu’s other albums, MY STORY seems to be divided by song type. It starts off with several rock tracks, followed by ballads and pop and closed out by the energetic “Humming 7/4.” A few songs are out of place in these divisions and a few interludes break things up, but overall it serves to keep the music fresh. The result is simply a fantastic collection of music I’ve loved for years and certainly will for many more to come.

This range marks another shift in Ayu’s music. While most of Ayu’s previous albums were primarily pop with a couple of ballads and rock songs, MY STORY has a little bit of everything. In doing this, Ayu branched out more, appealing to a wider variety of listeners while giving established fans more variety. If it were executed poorly it could have cost her, but MY STORY is a polished album and a great success.

Rating: 5/5

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