released 1 january 2006

  1. Bold & Delicious
  2. STEP you
  3. Ladies Night
  4. is this LOVE?
  5. (miss)understood
  6. alterna
  7. In the Corner
  8. tasking
  9. criminal
  10. Pride
  11. Will
  12. HEAVEN
  13. Are You Wake Up?
  14. fairyland
  15. Beautiful Day
  16. rainy day

I find it hard to rank albums in terms of favorites, especially when the artist in question has released as many as Ayu. I generally have a favorite and one I consider the artist’s best, which are rarely the same (usually due to nostalgia and personal preference). With that said, though, there’s no doubt that (miss)understood is one of my favorite Ayu albums, and easily one of her best.

Like her previous album, (miss)understood has quite a range of songs, the vast majority of which are great. From the in-your-face opening of “Bold & Delicious” to the beauty of “HEAVEN,” (miss)understood has a lot to offer. The singles, which make up most of the tracks on this album due to the numerous double A-sides released, go well with the album tracks. Part of this can be attributed to the the compositions by Sweetbox Ayu used, giving them a common overall sound.

The only negative part of the album to me is the final two tracks. “Beautiful Day” gets annoying very quickly, and Ayu’s winter ballads are always a hit or miss for me, but "rainy day" really doesn’t work to close the album out. They’re the only two detractors on an otherwise stellar album.

Rating: 4/5

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