Memorial address

released 17 december 2003

  2. Greatful days
  3. Because of You
  4. ourselves
  5. HANABI ~episode II~
  6. No way to say
  7. forgiveness
  8. Memorial address (take 2 version) (Bonus Track)

As Memorial address is not a full album, it may be a bit out of place here. There are two reasons I want to discuss it: it was one of my first Ayu albums, and it’s a very good collection of songs. The lack of selection is actually what this mini-album benefits from. Every song selected had to be great, so they are.

Memorial address served as a perfect introduction to Ayu for me. It shows a great range of what her music has to offer. There are the upbeat pop songs in “ANGEL’S SONG” and “Greatful days,” the darker rock tracks in “Because of You” and “ourselves,” and the emotional ballads of “HANABI ~episode II~”, “No way to say,” and “forgiveness.” And the title track is an extremely powerful finish. Even today, it rounds out all corners of the music she creates, and it’s exactly the album I would recommend to someone looking to get into her music.

I originally wrote this review in 2010, before Ayu had released any other mini-albums, and at the time I wrote that any other mini-albums would have stiff competition to live up to. Now that she has released others, I only feel more certain in the assertion that this is the perfect example of a mini-album. If there’s not enough for a full album, then every song should be able to carry the album on its own. In the case of Memorial address, that’s what made it successful, and it’s why it’s one of my favorite albums of all time.

Rating: 5/5