Love songs

released 22 december 2010

  1. Love song
  2. crossroad
  3. MOON
  4. sending mail
  5. Last angel
  6. insomnia
  7. Like a doll
  8. Aria
  9. blossom
  10. Thank U
  11. Sweet Season
  12. overture
  13. do it again
  14. November
  15. Virgin Road

Released shortly after her 50th single, L, Love songs is nothing short of spectacular. This album reminds me a lot of GUILTY in terms of range; it bounces around in style and tone, but it still feels very cohesive. It doesn’t shy away from some truly epic songs (“Last angel” is a particular favorite of mine) while also sticking to form in the slew of ballads in the middle.

The ballads are (unsuprsingly) what bring it down somewhat for me, but the interlude tracks help break up the album a lot. Like on MY STORY, they keep the pace fresh, and make sure that songs such as “Like a doll” stand out.

Love songs is to me the quintessential Ayu album of this period, much as LOVEppears or Duty is for early-era Ayu. It’s a good, solid album all the way through.

Rating: 4/5

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