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MY STORY was one of the very first Ayu albums I ever heard. It was 2007, and I'd recently discovered Ayu by way of a fansite. A few of her albums were available on iTunes, and after checking out the selection, MY STORY was one of the ones I purchased. To say I fell in love with her music is an understatement.

In the years since, MY STORY has remained my favorite Ayu album. A lot of it is due to nostalgia and the personal associations I have with it — the first time I listened to it was on a family vacation, so my memories of that trip are very closely tied with the album — but I also genuinely love the music. About You remains one of my favorite Ayu songs to this day, and I can honestly put on the album at any time and be swept away by the music.

This layout features my favorite image from the MY STORY photobook; the previous layout also used the same image but was written in old, outdated code. I decided to update the site while retaining the same basic design; I really like how it came out. Patterns used are by chamberten (defunct).


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Interested in affiliating? Just contact me. Any fanlisting related to Japanese music is welcome for affiliation, as well as any Ayu-related fanlisting.

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