Ayumi Hamasaki's sixth full album, MY STORY, was released on 15 December 2004. It was her first studio ablum to have multiple covers between versions, and also her first full-length album to have a DVD available with the album's music videos. (Her 2003 mini-album Memorial address was also released with a CD+DVD combo, but this was the first full-length album to do so.) Ayu's later albums have continued this trend in the years since.

CD Tracklist DVD Tracklist
  1. Catcher in the Light
  2. About You
  3. GAME
  4. my name's WOMEN
  6. Liar
  7. HOPE or PAIN
  9. Moments
  10. walking proud
  11. CAROLS
  12. Kaleidoscope
  14. HONEY
  15. Replace
  16. winding road
  17. Humming 7/4
  1. Moments (video clip)
  2. INSPIRE (video clip)
  3. GAME (video clip)
  4. CAROLS (video clip)
  5. About You (video clip)
  6. walking proud (video clip)
  7. Humming 7/4 (video clip)
  8. Moments (making off-shot)
  9. INSPIRE (making off-shot)
  10. GAME (making off-shot)
  11. CAROLS (making off-shot)

The links above are to each video on Ayu's official Youtube channel, which hosts short versions of her music videos. If you've never heard her music or seen her videos, it's a good way to sample both. You can also find previews of all the tracks on Ayu's official discography.

The PV for my name's WOMEN was released after the album on her STEP you/is this LOVE? single.

Where to Buy

You can order MY STORY from a number of online retailers, including YesAsia, CDJapan, and Amazon. I've used YesAsia and CDJapan many times and highly recommend both sites.

You can also get the album from the iTunes music store. (Link goes to the US store; if outside the US, check if it's in your country.)

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